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About Us

Started in early 2008 as a small business entity we have now developed our base and team.

Our staff is committed to the aims of the company as are the Directors. As a team, we share a common belief that ‘true-quality’ can only come from high personal standards, a professional attitude and an experienced understanding of what is required of the services we are offering. The name of our company is, therefore quite logical, we have an IMAGE to maintain.

Our aim in this field is to undertake the day to day management of the portfolio, ensure smooth operations, satisfy a tenant base, optimize returns to our clients, and provide overall sound performance and give the best of services to our clients as they are our Key.

To provide products and services that consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations in respect of technical performance delivery and customer service. Thereby extending standards of quality in customer service and reliability. We want to fully satisfy customers with the best housing needs, advice and personalized services.

  • Our vision as a family owned company, our values, our personal relationships and our solid track records of success will enable us be the leaders in providing high quality goods and efficient services and continue improving on them frequently.
  • By continuing to stay in touch with our customers, emphasizing services and effectively managing during any economic conditions. We will continue to attain our mission statement.
  • Some of the services we provide are mostly letting sales and managements which is elaborated further.